Mark W. Fitch


The University of Texas at Austin, B.S. with Honors in Chemical Engineering, 1989
The University of Texas at Austin, Doctor of Philosophy in Chemical Engineering, 1996


Associate Professor, Missouri University of Science and Technology (formerly University of Missouri-Rolla) (9/02 – present)
Assistant Chair for Environmental Engineering, Missouri S & T (8/08 – present)
Environmental Scientist (RPM), USEPA, Kansas City, MO (1/12 – 6/12)
Visiting Faculty, Engineers Without Borders-USA (9/11 – 12/11)
Visiting Scholar, University of Colorado Boulder (9/11 – 12/11)
Visiting Associate Professor, University of Illinois Urbana Champaign (9/03 – 5/04)
Senior Environmental Engineer T.I., Burns & McDonnell, St. Louis, MO (5/98 – 8/98)
Assistant Professor, University of Missouri-Rolla (3/96 – 8/02)


Products most closely related to the proposed project:

  1. Fitch, M. (2014) invited ‘Distinguished International Speaker’: “Biochemical reactors for the removal of metals from mine-impacted water” Second International Workshop on Sustainability and Water Quality (IWSWQ) Remediation of Pesticides and Metals Contamination, Hosted by Global Innovation Imperatives (Gii) Organized by The Energy and Resources Institute (, Gautam Buddha University (, and the Green Chemistry Network Centre, DU (, 15-18 January 2014.
  2. ITRC (Interstate Technology & Regulatory Council). 2012. Biochemical Reactors for Mining-Influenced Waste. BCR-1. Washington, D.C.: Interstate Technology & Regulatory Council, Biochemical Reactors for Mining-Influenced Waste Team.
  3. Dotro, G., Fitch, M., Larsen, D., and P. Palazolo (2012) “Treatment of Chromium-Bearing Wastewaters from Tannery Operations with Constructed Wetlands”  J. Hazardous Materials, 239-240: 142-51.
  4. Fitch, M. (2013) “Constructed Wetlands”, Chapter 53 in Comprehensive Water Quality and Purification, Satinder Ahuja (Ed.), Elsevier, Burlington, MA, USA, ISBN: 978-0-12-382182-9
  5. Canter, T., Burken, J.G., Wang, J., Fitch, M.W., Kinnevan, K., Wedge, K., and R. Tucker, (2011) “The Environment of Warfare”, J. Environ. Engin. 137(7), 525-531.

 Other significant products:

  1. Liu, G., Canter, T., Wang, D., Wang, J., Fitch, M. and J. Burken (2012) “Baffled Bioreactor for Municipal Wastewater Treatment”  J. Environ. Engin. 138(3) 239-247.
  2. Hosoglu, F., and M. Fitch (2012) “Abatement of Synthetic Landfill Gas Including Limonene by Biotrickling Filter and Membrane Biofiltration” Journal of Environmental Science and Health, Part A, 47(7), 1065-72.
  3. Kumar, A., Ergas, S.J., Yuan, X., Fitch, M., Min, K.-N., Dewulf, J., and H. Van Langenhove (2010). “Modeling of a hollow fiber membrane biofilm reactor for nitric oxide removal: Model development and experimental validation” J. Chem. Technol. Biotechnol., 85 (3) 423-428.
  4. Selman, C., Niyogi, D.K., and M. Fitch (2010), “Dominant Processes that Affect the Nutrient Retention in Small Missouri-Ozarks Streams” Joint Meeting with the with the American Society of Limnology and Oceanography and the North American Benthological Society, Santa Fe, NM, Aquatic Sciences: Global Changes from the Center to the Edge, June 6-11, 2010.
  5. Padmasiri, S. I., Zhang, J., Fitch, M., Norddahl, B., Morgenroth, E., and L. Raskin, (2007) “Methanogenic population dynamics in an anaerobic membrane bioreactor (AnMBR) treating swine manure”, Water Research,  41(1), 134-144.


  1. Engineers Without Borders, Chapter Advisor (2013 - present), Tacachia, Bolivia Team Advisor (2010 – present), Faculty Leadership Council (2013 – present).  Advise/lead chapter of 60-100 students providing engineering projects at four impovershied communities in Central and South America.  Expenditures $100-150k/yr, fundraising of same, and 30-40 student travelers each year, impacting approximately 3500 individuals in Guatemala, Honduras, and Bolivia.
  2. Interstate Technology & Regulatory Council, Biochemical Reactors for Mining-Influenced Waste Team. 2012-2014.  Primary author of two chapters and an appendix of a guidance document for regulators dealing with metals-contaminated waters.


  • Dr. Dev Niyogi, Biological Sciences, Missouri S & T
  • Dr. Joel Burken, Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering, Missouri S & T
  • Dr. Glenn Morrison, Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering, Missouri S & T
  • Dr. Dan Larsen, Earth Sciences, University of Memphis
  • Dr. Paul Palazolo, Civil Engineering, University of Memphis
  • Dr. Gabriela Dotro, Environmental Science and Technology Department, Cranfield University

Graduate Advisors and Postdoctoral Sponsors:

  • Dr. George Georgiou, University of Texas at Austin (Ph.D. Advisor)
  • Dr. Gerald E. Speitel Jr., University of Texas at Austin (Ph.D. Co-advisor)